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vacuum (n v) [intransitive: to use a vacuum cleaner] aspirar (n v) [intransitive: to use a vacuum cleaner]
vacuum (n) [general] vácuo (n) {m} [general]
vacuum (v) [cleaning] passar aspirador de pó (v) [cleaning]
vacuum (v) [cleaning] aspirar o pó (v) [cleaning]

Traduções de Inglês Português

EN Sinónimos de vacuum PT Traduções
emptiness [nothingness] tomhed (n)
space [nothingness] rum {n}
opening [nothingness] åbning
void [nothingness] tom
blank [emptiness] formular
nothing [emptiness] ingenting
abyss [thing] afgrund (n)
hole [thing] hul
dust [run a vacuum cleaner] støv {n}
clean [run a vacuum cleaner] gøre ren
sweep [run a vacuum cleaner] feje
outer space [void] ydre område