Obteve 23 resultados para o termo de pesquisa sem
sem(adj)[without effort] effortless(adj)[without effort]
sem(adj n)[Very stupid] shit-for-brains(adj n)[Very stupid](adj n)
sem(adj)[In unfortunate circumstances] shit out of luck(adj)[In unfortunate circumstances](adj)
sem(adj)[not containing fat] fat-free(adj)[not containing fat](adj)
sem(adj)[speaking without an accent] accentless(adj)[speaking without an accent](adj)
sem(prep adj)[without] sans(prep adj)[without]
sem(adv)[Without the knowledge of] unbeknownst(adv)[Without the knowledge of]
sem(adj)[without lead] unleaded(adj)[without lead]
sem(adv)[without an aim] aimlessly(adv)[without an aim]
sem(adj)[having no name] unnamed(adj)[having no name]
sem(adj)[without aim] aimless(adj)[without aim]
sem(adj)[not having worth and use, without value, inconsequential] worthless(adj)[not having worth and use, without value, inconsequential]
sem(o)[provisão] out of(o)[provisão]
sem(adj)[not having any children] childless(adj)[not having any children]
sem(adj n)[not having any wires] wireless(adj n)[not having any wires]
sem(o)[desprovido de] lacking(o)[desprovido de]
sem(o)[provisão] without(o)[provisão]
sem(o)[falta] without(o)[falta]
sem(o)[desprovido de] without(o)[desprovido de]
sem without
sem(o)[desprovido de] devoid(o)[desprovido de](formal)
sem(o)[desprovido de] void of(o)[desprovido de]
sem(o)[desprovido de] destitute of(o)[desprovido de](formal)