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period (n) [history] era (n) {f} [history]
period (n) [time] lapso (n) {m} [time]
period (n) [punctuation mark] ponto (n) {m} [punctuation mark]
period (n) [history] tempo (n) {m} [history]
period (n) [history] época (n) {f} [history]
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period (n) [history] período (n) {m} [history]
period (n) [time] período (n) {m} [time]
period (n) [physiology] menstruação (n) {f} [physiology]
period (n) [physiology] regra (n) {f} [physiology]
period (n) [time] período de tempo (n) {m} [time]
period (n) [time] espaço de tempo (n) {m} [time]
period (n) [punctuation mark] ponto final (n) {m} [punctuation mark]
period período ponto final
period ponto final (pontuação)
period ponto final(pontuação)

Traduções de Inglês Português

EN Sinónimos de period PT Traduções
duration [time] duur {m}
generation [time] geslacht {n}
era [time] tijdsgewricht
epoch [time] tijdsgewricht
date [time] einde {n}
century [time] eeuw {m}
age [time] leeftijd {m}
rhythm [frequency] ritme {n}
succession [frequency] opeenvolging {f}
cycle [frequency] cyclus {m}
span [period of time] overbruggen
genesis [period of time] (formal wording {f}
interval [length] interval {n}
term [length] vakterm
time [length] tijdperk {n}
continuance [length] verdaging {f}
season [length] op smaak brengen
course [duration] tracé
spell [duration] tijdje {n}
day [duration] dag {m}